Saturday, September 27, 2008

Musical Bits

For lack of engaging things to blog about I shall update you on my musical wandering and you shall pretend like you are interested.

Last week I went down to Element to check out Fleet Foxes live! I was stoked. The hour and a half waiting to get in made me less stoked. The jackasses who stood in front of me the whole time made me even less stoked.

And then Fleet Foxes came on. And they blew my mind away.

Their CD is one of those that makes you wonder if they can replicate it live. They can. Super tight harmonies, funky jams, and a more driving drum beat than their album made them one of the coolest bands I've seen live. Overall show experience: 6/10; Fleet Foxes: 10/10

I love going to shows but unfortunately Nolana doesn't share the same passion so I have been to few shows in the past many years... being away didn't help either. But I think I might try and squeeze one more in before le' babie arrives - The Acorn is coming in October which should be cool.

As for CD listenings and goings on... Been listening to Calexico's new one "Carried to Dust" which has some nice acoustic indie folk/latin rhythm stuff going on, bringing the steel guitar back into it. The Acorn's "Glory Hope Mountain" has some great Fleet Foxes meets Honduras vibes going on. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's CD "Lie Down in the Light" has been grabbing me for its simplistic, stripped down genius-ness.

Good tunes = good times.


Jen said...

I always pass on your music recommendations to Jordan. I think you guys have quite similar taste in tunes.

Soon all you'll hear playing around your house are lullabies and If You Are Happy & You Know It.

The Renegade Librarian said...

I have been really getting into both the Fleet Foxes' EP and their LP. They are pretty rad. I wish I could have seen the show but Alanna said they played a REALLY short show. Have you listened to any Ray Lamontagne? We may have to do some music swapping sometime...

Eric said...

It was really short, the CD and nothing more. Kinda disappointing. They're the kinda band that you could rock with to the wee hours, hopefully as they get more material under their belt they lengthen their shows.

And yes,we'll have to...