Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I tried to tie the title into some inspirational message but just couldn't... I'm a failure.

This weekend we journeyed to the lovely hamlet of Hope (or close to) to see Tim and Kari, some good friends of ours. Dave and Kristen, another couple of friends journeyed from Whistler to meet us there and the 6 of us had a rollicking good time.

Many games were played (despite Kristen's protests), much great food was devoured (Thanks for the goodness Hun!) and even more great company, new friends and old, was enjoyed. It does the body good to get away and enjoy some time with close friends... it's too bad they don't live closer so we could do it more often!

The men engrossed in a game of extreme bocce.

And while we did that the ladies did a photo shoot. Kari is due 4 days after Nolana so they enjoyed comparing their bellies!
A contemplative pose from my lady.The 6 of us plus another couple for Sat. evening.
Hard to match good times with good friends...

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Jen said...

Good friends are hard to beat! Love the pictures of the two preggos.