Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fantasy Hockey is Here!

Oh my gosh. I've been waiting years for this exact moment. Normally I am the part of multiple fantasy hockey leagues and due to being abroad with lack of internet and funny time zones I have had to forgo this immense pleasure.
The wait is over. Yahoo fantasy leagues have begun and I am starting my own league for the first time.

I am welcoming all to join. I am sending out invites to people I know will be interested but in case I miss you... just leave a comment or email me and we can get you a team.

It will be weekly head to head format. I am open if there are certain stats you do or don't want to count. Live draft online, but for those of you in Vic you're welcome to my house to do it, we'll make it an event. If you can't make the live draft date you can set your preferences before hand. Just let me know if you have questions. Oh my gosh I can barely contain my excitement. Let the battles begin!

And as soon as I tell my wife I know what she's going to say. Eric, you're such a dork.

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