Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rapid Fire

Ummm, so I pretty much took the summer off of blogging and didn't tell you in advance. My bad. But after some not so subtle hints from my delightful sister I have returned. The task just seemed too monumental, there's so much that's happened in the past month and a half - so this post will be all the things you've missed, rapid fire, point blank.

- In July we went to Afrofest here in Toronto, 2 days of great African music in the park, delicious African food, late nights, tons of fun. We loved the vibe, we'll definately be back next year!

- We also went to Montreal for 5 days in July. Loved the city, spent lots of time wandering around the Old Town, hiked Mont Royale (we made it!), found some great places to eat, spent some time at an African music festival there (wasn't nearly as good as Afrofest!), and enjoyed our first family vacation. Took the train up from Toronto, barely escaped getting stuck due to a Via Rail strike. You can see pictures here.

- Daija has learned to crawl. She moves fearlessly around now, conquering the house...except for the newly installed baby gates, baby locks, baby booby-traps, etc...

- We bought a BBQ. Man, I love grilling, nothing beats it. Haven't done anything crazy on it yet (though I did grill my first corn, Dad) but just getting my legs back.

- Daija has learned to climb stairs. We looked over one day and she was 2 stairs up! Now she can conquer the whole flight and loves doing it just for fun. Unfortunately, the corresponding down skill has not developed yet... You can see pictures of her here.

- Nolana has finally gotten started on some of her scrapbooking that she has been wanting to do for, oh, since we got married.

- I have been spending 4-8 hours a day for the past month plus, reading and getting ready for classes. I get nervous sometimes, anxious others, excited on occasion; I feel humbled, proud, scared, interested, like I finally am studying something worthwhile! It's been a rollercoaster... I feel like I understand females better because of it!

- Daija loves giving wet slobbery kisses. Equal parts gross and endearing.

- At the beginning of the summer we got free passes to the Royal Ontario Museum and to Casa Loma... we still haven't used them

- School starts in 2 weeks.

- We had a week of ridiculous hot, humid weather. Highs of 40, lows of 32. No A/C. Regretting that decision.... Though now it's back to a much more reasonable temp. Almost fall-ish.

And that is the quick, nitty gritty news flash of how our summer went. We're adjusting to Toronto, our place is feeling a bit more like home (though I'm sure Nolana will argue not really!), meeting a few people. I'll be back to blogging more regularly. Keep checking up here, hope I didn't lose anyone over the summer!