Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have recently subscribed to the most intriguing magazine, whose online direction I should like to point you towards.

It is out of Manitoba (who can think of ANYTHING good to EVER come out of Manitoba!?!!) and it's called Geez: holy mischief in an age of fast faith.

I received my first voume in the mail this past week and instantly settled down with a cup of coffee and read it cover to cover - 93 pages of recycled paper goodness.

I love how it engages faith with all aspects of the world around us. Sustainable living - check. Homelessness - check. Art - check. Other viewpoints - check. It comes from a Liberal Christian perspective but is not afraid to include voices from other writers. Faith SHOULD engage with anything and everything for that is what it was meant to do.

I highlight one of the sermons that was part of their "30 Sermons You'll Never Hear in Church" issue because it truly makes one think and definitely has at least a kernel of truth in it. Check out the magazine at

And check out the article I am talking about here

Tell me what you think. Do you agree?


Darrel said...

Hey! My wife came out of Manitoba and she's more than good she's GREAT!!

As for the magazine... very interesting.

Anonymous said...

haha! i've been getting geez for awhile and this sermon stuck with me the first time i read it. i think about it every time i walk past a "to prevent sinburn, use sonscreen."