Thursday, July 10, 2008

Instructions Of A Chariot

As your typical guy typically goes I believe that instructions are simple and as the typical instructions goes, they are simply not understandable.

I recently got this dashing bar cart for my birthday from the in-laws and this weekend put it together... all by myself! lol It went well....
Let me tell you, those instructions are devious! They make it seem all simple, "Put it together in 5 easy steps". And then when you look each of those 5 steps has more than 5 steps in it. Really! This is step one.
That's more like 5 steps! And then of course it's all in language not even an English major could decipher. It's mental gymnastics to figure it out. But once I did I quickly rolled along and here is my fancy-schmancy new bar chariot (which is so more cool sounding than cart, kinda brings up images of Ben-Hur or Gladiator!)

I am now, officially, part of the upper class. I shall stock it with the finest wines $10 can buy me and when company comes over make a show of debating which one would best go with Kraft Dinner. Then with a sniff (so that they think none of them are really up to my level) I will pull a bottle out, turn the twist cap and pour everyone a plastic glass of wine. Ahhhh, perfection!
Actually I kinda like it and it's gonna get used this weekend... keep your eyes peeled!


Jen said...

We had one for a few years and loved it. Unfortunately we didn't have place for it in our new house. Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Eric, if you are looking for a good $10 wine may I suggest my "house" wine.
Michel Torino from Argentina. It is an organic Cab Sauv and costs a measly $10.65 in SK so likely cheaper in BC.

Eric said...

I've had the Torino Cab, it's very nice for $10.

The Renegade Librarian said...

You're very Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor-esque. I diggit.