Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Family Matters: A Clarification

Now, after some discussion and some more research I feel the need to clarify my stance on abortion.

I do not, I repeat do not believe it is right. We see too many pregnancies of expediency and I fully support the work of pregnancy centers that get women to actually stop and think the issues through. This is not a decision to made lightly.

Now in Canada, as I have recently discover and been somewhat corrected, we legally have quite the interesting situation. Since the Morgental decision by the Supreme Court in 1988 we have technically been without any abortion laws. This means no regulation by the federal government. Since the odd Senate tie (and subsequent non-passing) of an attempted new law there was been no government willing to step in and create one. The Supreme courts specifically put the onus on the legislative bodies to make a law and accepted that it was their right to do so.

Now, I believe they should do so. Up to this point, most abortions are done in the first trimester, about 97% before 16 weeks. In B.C. you have to have a Dr's permission and have it done in a hospital to have an abortion after this period (according to the BC College of Surgeons, etc., etc.) There are currently no Dr's in Canada who will perform a 3rd trimester abortion (as far as I can find out).

So, while there is no law each province has their own little "obstacles" to prevent abortions. I am of the persuasion that it is the right of the government to regulate abortion ("will of the people") and there seems to be a certain point where the majority of Canadians (according to the CBC) want to see some regulation. So why don't they do their job and make some already! At some (arguable and arbitrary point) there is some agreement that a feteus becomes a human baby.

Now, I know my thinking on this might not seem completely articluated and coherent but that is because as a Christian I have the battle between following Christ and still being part of this world. I believe in human rights and I believe in sacrificing myself before God's will. I believe in the Bible and in equality. There is a struggle to apply Godly values to a world that regards them as not sane. I once heard a preacher say that "Christianity is simple" and I laughed. The message is simple and the applications not so much. So I struggle on...

I appreciate those who critique for they refine my position and challenge my weaknesses. Seriously. I also believe in free and open debate!

"Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened"

" I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use." -Gallileo


Anonymous said...

Well, I learned something also. Thanks for pointing out a few things for me to learn.

When it comes to the debate about legalized abortion, I have to admit that this is one of those biggies. In fact, I can't think of anything which is bigger for me.

In Canada, we cannot take a human life, even to punish someone for a crime or even to stop them from committing a crime - yet our government puts no regulation on the taking of human life when it comes to a child who is so completely dependent on it's mother. I know that there must be a balance in the interests of mother and child - but I don't think the majority of abortions are performed in order to save a mother's life.

I understand that women have rights to control their own body - but who speaks for the rights of those children? According to our government, those children do not have rights to be considered.

I understand that there will always be a demand for abortions - no matter how wrong it is - but should we make it so available that an underaged child can get an abortion with her parents knowledge or permission - when we don't even allow that child to drive, vote, or even get their own phone without their parents permission. Something seems a little out of wack with our values.

Is it the government's responsibility to control morality? Hmmm..... now that's a whole new discussion which I'd like your opinion on.

I too wish the Christian name would be attached to incredible acts of mercy and sacrifice, and not just for what we are against. It pushes me to put my faith more into action, and not just on the shelf.

Does anyone else feel this way?

daddio said...

oops. forgot to put my name to my opinion.

Jen said...

I agree Daddio. ;) It is such a tough issue. And yes, it would be delightful if the word Christian was synonymous with incredible acts instead of crazies picketing causes and judging others!

Michelle said...

Good points Pastor Jerry. You and Eric must have wonderful conversation around the dinner table. May I add, you have done a wonderful job raising that son of yours. Wish he would have been my son in law but alas, he seems to have found the love of his life. ;)

Eric said...

We do have quite the conversations!

RYAN said...

Glad to see you did abit more research. Are people in Canada starting to stir about the abortion laws (or lack there of)? What kind of law would you like to see put in place? When I took biomedical ethics I really struggled with when that baby becomes a human and/or has a soul. Conception? 22 weeks(arbitrary date set by the medical board which doctors must agree to)? birth? none of the options I was comfortable with.