Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Matters

A short while ago on my old blog I posted about a well known "family advocate" and his political leanings. Well, it seems like somebody else is up the same tricks in the Canadian province of Tex... sorry, I mean Alberta. Guess this particular form of rabid right-winger is not nation specific. You can read about the situation here:

A family group called The Canada Family Action Coalition is appealing the government to revoke the Order of Canada that was given to one Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

* Side Rant* Just once I wished these so called "Family" groups would make the news for something other than their political leanings. Maybe like a new family program that helped families regardless of race, religion or political leaning.

Anyways, Dr. Morgentaler is creating quite the firestorm these days since he is a prominent advocate for legalizing abortion in Canada. Abortion, being the touchstone, bed-rock issue that it is for Christians (why is this?) this has everyone up in arms. How dare the Canadian government recognize this, this, abortion lover!

Now, I know abortion is a touchy subject and as a male there will be those out there who say I should just shut my mouth because what can I know about women's rights, etc... There might be a grain of truth in this but do I need to be African to be concerned with African rights? Should only disabled people be concerned with disabled people's rights? You get my point... (or not, whatever.)

Where I stand on this is here: Abortion is wrong. As a Christian I find it hard to argue otherwise. But even from this standpoint I recognize the issue is not black and white, little in this world is. If there was a choice between my wife's life and my child's life I would be little short of daft to not think at least twice about wanting to save my wife's life.

Now to the news. Just because I feel abortion is wrong does not mean I feel abortion should not be legalized. It should be! Without a doubt. For two reasons:

1.) Simply because abortion is illegal does not mean it's not going to happen. Before Dr. Morgentaler it was done in sketchy clinics and the backs of vans. For desperate women all over the world abortion should be legal. Make sure at least they live! They should have access, as citizens of Canada, to proper medical care.

2.) Christian morality does not equal govenment law! As with Ol' Dobby, simply because I believe something radical like that God "knit me into my Mother's womb" with purpose, from conception... this does not mean it is the "will of the people". Canada is a secular democracy concerned with equal rights for all. That's how it should be.

So for those "family advocates" who believe Canada should revoke Dr. Morgentaler's award... he won a secular, government award. Not a Coalition of Family Matters whatever award. He fought for human rights and should be given the award.

Now get out of the news and quit making Christians like me look bad and feel ashamed to be called a Christian.


Michelle said...

Good point. My goodness, this is turning out to be one GREAT blog. I love it!

Jen said...

Yes! I feel this way about a variety of topics. Just because we think it's wrong and against our faith/religion/beliefs, doesn't mean it has to be the law, including gay marriage. I can't say things as well as you seem to lately but I agree!