Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Extreme Heat Alert

Toronto has issued it's first extreme heat alert of the summer and the CBC website tells me that, with the Humidex, it is now 34.7 degrees. I am now telling you that it is friggin' warm here. Luckily, our house is mostly shaded or we would be toast (literally) without A/C.

To top it off, the city is on strike and places such as swimming pools, splash pads, garbage pick-up, etc... aren't happening.

Welcome to summer in Toronto.


Baroque Pop Radio said...

Sounds like my hometown - Phoenix - but the pools are always open

All over the world Strangers talk only about the weather

RYAN said...

That's too bad man. Its probably a nice balmy 25 out today. And there's a lake about a 2 min. walk away. You should come for a visit.

Anonymous said...

umm id like to tell you that you never get used to it after growing up out west.... the humidity is still to much to bare....this is my third year in ontario and i still complain about how much i would give to be out west..

Eric said...

Anonymous - Awesome.Thanks a million.

Seriously, the humidity is a killer.

Daddio said...

Cooling down ideas (from someone who grew up in Toronto area)
1. buy a kiddie pool and sit in it all day.
2. ice cubes in the shorts.
3. put on clothes straight out of the washing machine.
4. ride in the back of an open pick up truck, with said clothes from the washing machine.
5. clear out the freezer and spend a few minutes of alone time in it.
6. put a couple scoops of icecream on your bare stomach and watch it melt.
7. soak your socks and freeze them before you put them on.
8. visit your inlaws in Alberta, who have air conditioning :)

The Renegade Librarian said...

Yeah, welcome to Onterrible. I feel for you--it got up over 40 when we lived in London and it was NASTY.