Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby in the Big City

First update from the recent Torontonian-ites (that's what they call themselves, I swear!). Nolana and Daija arrived last Friday night, late, and I rented a car to go pick them up (cheaper than a taxi). I carried them both across the threshold of our new abode with all their luggage in the other hand. The past week has been a crazy one unpacking, moving furniture around and finding places for everything - all compounded by the fact that we are now moving with a little one who demands attention.

But we're adjusting. The place is now livable for the most part, lots still to do though. We've walked around our area and have been scoping out the good places to shop, the Canadian Tire, and finding out that we can buy injera (Ethiopian flat-bread) at the corner store! Nothing's perfect but after a week here we're definitely a week ahead of where we were last week - which is pretty amazing.

Here's some random shots of our babbling, bouncy baby and facts about the big city we'll be calling home for the next while.

Extra boxes are great for playing in... though somehow Daija still manages to get all tangled up!

We had one day without water (some sort of maintenance - kind of felt like Ethiopia!) so Daija had her bath in a mixing bowl.

In Toronto they have recently just made it law that all retailers have to charge at least 5cents for all plastic bags - a great idea to promote cloth bags! But then, instead of recyclable jugs for milk you buy it in bags (which aren't recyclable)!

Reminds me of days gone by.

Today was Father's Day so we walked down Danforth through Greektown and down through a couple big parks; about 3 hours of walking in the 30 degree heat. We're a little nuts. But we got this shot of our new city - "The city within a park" as all the park signs say.


Jen said...

Great shot of the city! I've actually never been to Toronto and this is the first picture I've ever seen that ever made me interested in visiting.

And Daija ... cute as ever!

The Renegade Librarian said...

Glad to know you kids are doing well out there in Onterrible. God bless and say hello to your wife and the Daija!

Daddio said...

Daija is getting cuter all the time. She looks so much like you when you were little. Especially the mixing bowl shot :)