Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eastward Wanderings 2009 - Day 0: Goodbyes

Well, the day is nigh, the truck is packed, we say goodbye to our dear house and car today, and tomorrow, bright and early, I drive out on the beginning of a new chapter.

Yesterday was busy. Thanks to the totally rock-star-amazingness of the people who came and helped us move, not only did we get it all done, but we managed to fit everything we needed into the truck (and let me tell you, that was no minuscule feat!) while somehow not having room for that bookcase of Nolana's I've been trying to get rid of for 3 moves now ; Andy and JL, Steph, John, and especially you Mr. Chris Dawes, I applaud you.

Today we are finishing up some errands, cleaning the house, etc... while we stay at Nolana's parent's place. Then tomorrow I take off for a journey that will have to scratch my traveling itch for the time being. Nolana and Daija are spending some time with her parents and then flying out to meet me on the other side. I'm planning on keeping the blog updated with pictures as much as possible as I go along (come on free wi-fi!).

Lastly, some good-byes. I really am terrible at them even though I've had to do so many through-out my lifetime. Maybe that's why. I feel I need to keep some distance, not let myself get down by recognizing that many amazing people are slipping through another chapter of my life. And yet, I know that I will miss them and want them to know that I truly appreciate their friendships and the time they've invested into it. So, instead of leaving it at that awkward hug and promises to keep in touch -

For all of those who I've had the pleasure of sharing good food, good beer, good conversation, and good company with (you know who you are), I'll miss you. Thanks for the good times, the fellowship, the community, and for the encouragement; there will always be a room in Toronto for you. I know people don't tell you this enough - but I appreciate you.

That said, onwards!

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