Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eastern Wanderings 2009 - Day 6 and beyond: Arrival

I traversed the last couple hundred miles from Grand Rapids to Toronto. No problems crossing the border again and upon arrival I broke out into "Oh Canada".

Coming into Toronto I caught the tail end of rush hour(s) traffic but it wasn't so bad. Until the part where I missed my exit and ended up in the heart of downtown Toronto with my 24ft truck. Drove right past the Hockey Hall of Fame! Tight streets down there but I made it out and found our place. Spent the night on the floor because there was no way I was opening the door of the moving truck that night!

Next day I started unloading in the afternoon and a couple guys came and helped in the evening. Both I had never met and both, despite this fact, generously offered to come help. You might remember the post a while back where I told you about the beers I traded; well, Rob was that guy and he came out to help move and Troy from Great Canadian Pubs and Beers was the other - great guys. We got all our stuff in the house and it all looked in pretty decent shape (minus the things that had fallen out!). After we had the chance to share some great beers I had brought back.

So everything is in the house, Nolana and Daija fly out to join me Friday night and then the fun of unpacking and making a house a home happens! Can't wait to see my girls again!


Michelle said...

Glad you arrived safely. And the next chapter begins...

Anonymous said...

i'm happy to hear you made it! looking forward to coming to visit! :)

Daddio said...

So... another adventure under your belt. Congratuations on making it all the way to T.O. I'm kinda glad I didn't go with you after all :) We had lots of our own adventures as we are beginning to install our own irrigation system. Now I understand why you pay other people big bucks to do this :S
Hope your girls arrive safely tomorrow!