Saturday, March 28, 2009


For those of you who didn't hear my cries of joy emanating all the way from my house, today I received acceptance into the University of Toronto graduate studies program!!

I have been accepted to do a Master's of Education in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education as part of their collaborative program: Comparative, International, and Development Education (CIDE).

I start in September and, while I am rather unexcited to leave the amazing province of BC for dreary Ontario, I am also very excited to have been accepted into one of the best schools in Canada and a really world-class program. The website describes the program as:

one of the world's largest, most diverse and dynamic graduate programs in the field of comparative education. More than one hundred and fifty graduate students and two dozen faculty from across OISE/UT are currently active in the program. Student and faculty interests span an exciting range of theoretical and practical issues - from the study of ethnicity and identity to the issues of globalization and global governance; from non-formal learning and citizenship education, to concrete problems of educational reform, social equality, language education, conflict resolution and community development.

So, over the next few months we are going to pack up and plan the move out there as well as give me some time to figure out what the heck I am actually doing. Here I was sweating over the acceptance but now the reality is hit that I've gotten myself into something big.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as these next few months are going to be momentous, from figuring out how to move across the country to simply staying sane through it all.

And yes, I finally did crack that world-famous beer, Peche Mortel.... it tasted like sweet, sweet acceptance.


Jen said...

Congrats Eric! That's very impressive. :) Not as cool as the U of R, but likely second best.

Best of luck with the transition out there!

Gillian said...

WOOHOO! Sounds like Friday was a good day for the both of us! Congratulations! The program sounds pretty interesting too. I'm looking forward to hearing about it as you get studying. Looking forward to adding a stop to my eastern friends/family visiting trips too! ;)

Eric said...

Friends are always welcome!

Michelle said...

Wow, congratulations Eric. I always thought you were destined for great things.

The Renegade Librarian said...

Congratulations, brother! I'm so stoked for you! As for moving across the country to Onterrible, you know who to ask about it--me and Queen B are pros!