Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life Updates pt.2

I know most of you come here to see pictures of my baby and not to hear me rant about religion or politics or post the latest greatest beer (but how many blogs do you know that do both of those?!) - so here are some more pictures of my baby to keep you happy!

Zonked out with Daddy.

Ready to go out with Mommy.

We recently had 2 Japanese high-school girls stay with us for 4 days on exchange. They spoke hardly any English (which was interesting) and were super shy. But they did like Daija! I also taught their group for the weekend... and it was a gong show! Reminded me of Korea.

My parents were also just here to see their grandbaby and put the house up for sale - guess that means they're not moving back!

On Daija Development news, she now is able to put individual fingers in her mouth rather than trying to jam her whole fist in.

And the other day we got her to actually full-out laugh for the first time. She has squeaked and gurgled and cooed.... but this was full out laughter. We caught the tail end of it on camera, but I can't seem to get it loaded so... too bad for you.

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