Saturday, March 21, 2009

Terrorist Alert!

Look at the picture carefully. This man is a terrorist. Or at least that's what Canada's immigration people tell us. Ok, maybe they don't think he is actually a terrorist but he supports terrorists and talks about terrorists. So he is not allowed into Canada.

To many others in the world the above picture is one of George Galloway, British MP. He speaks out against war, including those in the Middle East, has been known to support Leftist philosophies, has argued for the poor Muslims that have been bombed by the Bush alliance (which included his Prime Minister) and has been known to support organizations such as Hamas.

He was to come to Canada to speak at an anti-war rally in Toronto. But, because Hamas has been labeled a terrorist organization in Canada (rather than recognized as an elected ruling party) and we don't allow terrorists to come into Canada - George Galloway must stay at home.

In other news, George Bush was recently allowed across the border to speak in Calgary.

Not only did we allow him in, we had him meeting with officials and talking at a $400 a plate banquet.

If we, as Canadians, are allowing Dubya to come into Canada and speak on his beliefs, why are we not allowing Galloway? I thought we had a little thing called free speech....

Something seems a little "off" to me.