Friday, November 7, 2008

By the Numbers

Zero. Nada. Nil. Zip. None. Not even one. Nothing. Naught. Zilch. Shutout. Goose egg. Not any. Null. Cero.

That's how many children we have.

Six is the number days we are late.

Two is the number of midwife appointments in the last week.

Seven. The day in November our good friends Tim and Kari had their second child.

Two is the number of days they were late.

Sixty-two is the number of people who have congratulated me even though the baby is not here yet.

Zero is the number of days I hope are left to wait.


wandi said...

Be patient young man. It is so common for firsts to be born passed due dates. In time your sweet little blessing will be born. I am praying for you both. Believe me it will be so worth the wait my friend. God bless. Look forward to hearing the news soon. Keep us posted!

Jen said...

haha. Waiting sucks. I was 12 days overdue with Josie and 8 days with Abby. Baby will come soon and from the sounds of it, Nolana is doing really well, hanging in there and feeling comfortable. Can't wait to hear the news when baby does decide to make his/her arrival.

Marla said...

i, too, my young friends, had a child who did not want to enter the world yet...exactly a week overdue. try to be patient, stay comfortable and enjoy at least one more QUIET evening (just the two of you) and not be interrupted by hungry cries. ;) praying for you.