Monday, November 24, 2008


A man has got to give props where they're due so here's my shout outs for the night. Major respect, Son.

Props to George Stroumboulopoulos of The Hour. I love how he keeps it real. Even more, I love how he brings real people of faith on the show and treats them with open, honest respect; allowing them to voice their faith in a reasonable way. Check out his interviews with guys like Craig Gross. He also cares deeply about issues like poverty and AIDS and brings some really thought provoking guests onto the show. I love his conversational style - man, he is just kickin' it real style.

Serious props to North Coast Brewing Co. and their Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. If you're a lover of serious beers, you must try this. Dark as a starless night, deep as a forgotten well and complex like the best women. Beer sites and connoisseurs around the web rate it among the best in the world and let me tell you - it is well deserved. I know I rant about American beers...lacking but that ignores smaller micros on the West coast who put out beauts like this. Seriously delicious.

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Jen said...

My parents love George Stroumboulopoulos too.

Thanks for the beer recommendations. Jordan is always looking for new varieties to try.