Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Days

In my 5 days of Daddyhood there have been many lessons I have learned, let me share a small smattering of them with you.

1.) She's a lot cuter when she's not crying.

2.) Yellow poo is good poo.

3.) There is no greater feeling then when she falls asleep in your arms.

4.) Babies operate on their own schedule - mess with it on your own peril.

5.) Nothing feels funnier that explosive poos while you're holding her.

Five lessons for 5 days - not bad. They've been a great five days though it's been a bit odd having to go to class on Friday and leave my ladies behind. Mom is doing great and adjusting well - she's a pro. Daija has been super content, for which we are superbly thankful and hope that it is a sign of further things!

As for pictures, you can check out my album on Facebook here. I'll try and update it regularly.

I don't want to make this another 'baby blog' and I'll be back with other content but, hey, being a Dad is part of it all now.

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Jen said...

I look forward to your baby tales!