Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Holiday as a Twosome

Yep, your favorite Ritskes' are preparing for Halloween as the last holiday as a twosome! Nolana is 5 days off of her due date so in the next few weeks I'm going to be a daddy!

We had a nice Sunday yesterday. Off to church in the morning, rushed back for an hour to rake the massive build-up of leaves in our yard. It was nice and sunny (while still brisk) and we got 'er done. Then we went off to the Dawes' place with a bunch of other couples to decorate cookies, carve pumpkins and dip caramel apples... now THAT's how Halloween is meant to be done! Here's my pumpkin...

Then we were off to Nolana's parents for a gourmet birthday dinner for Nolana's birthday and some great company and a game of cards.

It was one of those days we were out of the house from the moment we woke up until we collapsed into bed but it also one where you don't mind because you spent it with family and friends and had a great time, ya know?

Keep an eye out here for the arrival of Eric(a) Jr. !!


Jen said...

I CAN'T WAIT to hear the news that Nolana has popped. Good luck to both of you. Happy Halloween!

Megan said...

Eric, I just want to point out that Halloween isnt a holiday.

But I get your point:)

Glad to hear that you two are well and Frank and I look forward to meeting your little one!