Monday, October 6, 2008

From the Books: Mercy

By the great Flannery O'Conner - if you haven't read any of her stories, Do it!

"He understood that [mercy] grew out of agony, which is not denied to any man... He understood it was all a man could carry into death to give his Maker and he suddenly burned with shame that he had so little of it to take with him. He stood appalled, judging himself with the thoroughness of God, while the action of mercy covered his pride like a flame and consumed it."

From "The Artificial Nigger"

With the little one coming (4 weeks!) I've been thinking about what I would want my child to become. And I've decided the greatest thing they could be is someone who cares about mercy and love. Someone who cares about others and their travails. I guess we pretty much want for our children what we desire for ourselves...

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Michelle said...

Great goals Eric. That is what I want for Athena too. Good luck with your new babe. I imagine you will be a fantastic father, as from what I could glean, your Dad was one before you. (Mom too)