Sunday, October 12, 2008


My Flames have opened the season 0-2. Even though at dinner I prayed for God to help them win!!

Just goes to show God can's be harnessed for a cause I guess...

Someone should have told the pastor in Iowa, the one who prayed for God to step in and protect His reputation which will be shattered if Obama wins the election. Someone should also stop by and tell him that the God whose name he throws around is bigger than an election, a candidate, or an issue. Immensely so. You can check out the news story here.

It's all about FEAR. All those Muslims, all those Hindus, all those people you know nothing about but believe to be terrorists want Obama to win. Fear is what drives the woman in Minnesota who told McCain at a rally that she doesn't trust Obama - he's an Arab. Fear is what they are playing on when they accuse Obama of "pal-ing with terrorists".

Only McCain and God can save you (and Palin).... in that order.

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