Saturday, September 26, 2009

2 Weeks Down, X to Go

All my good intentions about regular blogging hit the wall called Grad School and I can tell you now, the outcome wasn't pretty.

Two weeks into my studies and more often than not I feel overwhelmed. Though there have been lots of good moments when I feel I can show my profs that I belong, etc... More so, it's really trying to settle in my own mind that I belong, that I can do work at this level, and that I can excel. It's more the peripheral stuff that's overwhelming. Research grants, papers, ethics reviews, orientations, getting office space, late Friday evening discussion groups, thesis proposals, supervisors, review boards... all this stuff that it seems I'm supposed to know about!

Though in 2 weeks I do feel I've progressed in determining my path here... which only muddles more things. Going into my degree the program was all coursework with an option for a theses and I think I'm going for that option. My meeting with my advisor went something like, "Yeah, that sounds great (after hearing my loose proposal), lots for your thesis there, don't waste time on your Masters, get it done and get into your PhD and that's where you'll really get into the research you want." PhD? Ha.

Anyways, aside from school, Nolana has left today for 3 weeks of cross the country visiting of family with Daija, leaving me to fend for myself for that time. We'll meet up for a day in Calgary in the middle for sister's wedding but, other than that, flying solo for 3 weeks. That's a long time.

Daija is growing up like crazy. First teeth are coming in, finally. She's been wanting to learn how to walk recently but no dice there yet, only a lot more spills. Heck, but who knows what she'll be doing in 3 months time.

I put pictures of her up here on Facebook, you can check them out even if you're not a Facebooker.

I'll check back in over the next few weeks so you all know I'm still alive.


Jen said...

I hope that the next few weeks bring you some sort of comfort, routine, familiarity and that you can convince yourself that you belong. I really think you do!

Jordan and I were apart for 3 weeks. Abby and me in Regina and Jordan in B.C. It was tough but it's true, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Janis said...

thanks for posting the pics of daija - they are amazing!

i believe in you too. :)


The Renegade Librarian said...

Grad school CAN be a bit of a (many-headed) monster. I'm feeling for you because I remember it well! I had to focus on balancing time with wifey with studying/assignments and it wasn't always easy, however, you'll be great! Praying for you, yo!