Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tooth Terrorist

Every child grows up learning about the magical tooth fairy who takes your teeth away and, in their place, leaves such magical things as quarters, candy (to help you lose the rest of your teeth!), etc... When you lose your first tooth you excitedly and gently place the bloody mess on the bed, gently position the pillow over it, lay your head down (imagining you can feel the tooth lying there underneath your head) and try and stay awake long enough to see the tooth fairy, slowly drifting off into fairy dreams. When you wake up the next morning, within seconds you are diving under the pillow to collect your booty.

What you don't learn as a child is that the tooth fairy has an evil step-sister called the Tooth Terrorist. Her job is the opposite one of the fairy: she brings teeth to little children all over the world. She also bring weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth (mostly to parents). She turns sweet little cherubs into raging, war-waging, bomb-making little terrorists in the process. She's not a very nice apparition.

At the tender age of 26 I have learned about the evil step-sister and am passing along the knowledge to you. Forgive the possible incoherency, it's early and I've already been up for hours with my very own cherub-turned-terrorist.

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Jen said...

Teething is terrible! If it's really bad, you guys should look into the hazelwood or amber teething necklaces.

Hope the little pearly whites poke thru soon!