Friday, October 2, 2009

Russian Imperial Stout Cheesecake

With Nolana gone (almost done week 1 of 3!) I took the chance to make something she wasn't all that appealed by - Russian Imperial Stout Cheesecake. Though I'm not sure why it wasn't appealing - what girl doesn't like a rich, chocolaty, cheesecake?

For those of you not in the know, Russian Imperial Stout is an old English style that was made extra strong for export to the Russian courts. It typically has rich chocolate and roasted malt characteristics. It's ultra dark and ultra big, often weighing in near the 10% alcohol mark.

I found this recipe over at BC Beer Blog and I used Green Flash's Double Stout. Normally I find Green Flash a little on the hoppier side of stouts but this had about a year of age on it and had mellowed considerably. For those in BC or Alberta, North Coast's Old Rasputin would work or Phillips The Hammer when it comes out in January, or any other Imperial Stout.

First step is degassing the beer which involved pouring the beer between 2 containers to get all the carbonation out.

Next main ingredient was the dark Belgian chocolate which was melted in a makeshift double boiler and was super tasty!

Everything was then blended into the cream cheese, and all onto the Oreo cookie crust.

Into the oven, and out comes an amazing chocolate cheesecake. All the while, the best part of cooking with beer is that there's usually leftovers!

For serving it I held back a few chips of the Belgian chocolate, melted them and drizzled it over the cheesecake and then just slivered some white chocolate on top.

It was fan-frickin-tastic! Decadent, rich chocolate flavor - can't tell there's beer in there. We paired it with Great Divide's Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout which was terrific. It's also suggested that you can garnish with a fruit and then pair it with a nice fruity lambic which would work in my opinion. If you could get your hands on bottles of Wisconsin's New Glarus Raspberry Tart or Belgian Red, those would be phenomenal with this.

After all this, I'm saving a piece for Nolana and I to share when she gets back - I'm pretty sure she'll love it.


Jen said...

That sounds and looks amazing. I'm impressed with you. I may just send Jordan out there for your final two weeks alone and you can teach him a thing or two in the kitchen.

The Renegade Librarian said...

Dang, that action looks good!

Eric said...

Send him out!

Nolana said...

Oh honey, I have a double broiler!

But good job on the make shift one!

Amanda Brown said...

Sweet! What guy bakes a freaking cheesecake while his wife is gone?! I am impressed. Most short-term bachelors would live off of McDs and booze. Nicely done, Eric. :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing Son!!!! It looks absolutely incredible! Only one piece for Nolana and she has to share with you??? Who's eating the rest? :) So proud of you and love you tons!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the cheesecake, Eric! I have not met a single person yet who did not like it. The only trouble people have had is with its richness. Serving it with fruit and a fruit ale, like Lindeman's Framboise, helps to counteract its heaviness. Serve it with preserved cherries and kriek, it will have a Black Forest Cake quality.