Monday, April 20, 2009

Olympic View

I would love to rant about the injustice of the upcoming Olympics in Vancouver but rather, I am choosing to take this time to marvel and appreciate.

I have recently started working for Elections BC in one of their district offices. It requires me to drive each day up the Saanich peninsula, which is really only like a 25 min. drive. On the way home the traffic is always heavy (especially today with the accident spread across all three roads) and it takes longer. But, there are a couple stretches of the road where you crest a small hill and are able to look out over the city of Victoria with the majestic Olympic mountains spread over the city (see photo). The sky is blue, the mountains spectacular, the air warm - and it is in these brief moments that I am thankful; when I remember how lucky I am for the many blessings in my life and the beauty that is all around me.

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