Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life Updates

A few updates from the Ritskes'

The move is still on, despite a few breakdowns and stressful moments. We haven't found a place to live yet but we've had a few possibilities and one we're hoping on. Once that falls into place one of the major stresses is gone.

Daija has had a ton of firsts. First time swimming. First swing ride. First time eating solid food. First time we almost sold her to gypsies.

She's been teething and just generally not a happy camper. The day consists of 45min-hour of fighting to get her to eat and sleep, 30min-45 min of sleep, 30 min of happiness post-sleep and then an undetermined period of time of grumpiness until we start the cycle again. It's fun.

I've put pictures of Daija up on Facebook, you can check them out here

On other news, Nolana and the gospel choir she was in had a rocking final concert last week. It was a lot of fun and she did great; Daija and I are very proud of her!! Some pictures.

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