Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fly By

Just a quick update to the blog so that no one thinks I've forgotten it!

I am knee deep in what has turned out to be the busiest time of the year. Not only are my two final papers due this month (Using Indigenous Knowledges to Decolonize African Universities and Africa and the Black Diaspora: Crossing Borders through Senegalese Hip Hop) and not only do I still have the chapter in the book that I mentioned a while back, but I am now co-editor of said book which is a ton of work, I have another paper being turned into a chapter in another book, AND I have been asked to contribute a chapter to yet another book. Nolana's away in Victoria with Daija visiting it up and it's a good thing because I am putting long, long days in at school.

So, while I am off busy writing and editing here's a fun little link for ya.

The internets are abuzz over Mother Jones' map which covers celebrity involvement in Africa, otherwise seen as the "celebrity recolonization of Africa".

Clink on the link and see a history of celebrity involvement in Africa. The original map (not this screen grab) is interactive and you get to see who wrote a song about which country, who adopted a baby from where, and just how many celebrities go on "fact finding missions".


Janis said...

mark says you're a *bleeping* genius and he loves you. i can't believe you are so busy! we are sending you beer for energy. :)


wow, I am so glad I don't have to write your papers. It would just be a complete failure. I agree with mark's description of you, except maybe take out one of the two words, you chose.

Daddio said...

yep, pretty "brainiac" if you ask me