Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bacon Bomb

Last night we had some friends of ours over for games, drinks, dinner, ... But this time, unlike others, we pulled out the stops and did everything in our power to clog our arteries from now until kingdom come! We decided to pair meat with... meat!

You can check out the original experiment here and where we got our inspiration - lots of great photos!

It's called Bacon Explosion and consists of melding 2lbs of bacon with 2lbs of sausage, mixing in some BBQ sauce and calling it dinner. I'm not joking.

It was quite the experiment and actually turned out really well, not nearly as fatty as I expected. I made a mean hickory, chipotle BBQ sauce for it, a good BBQ rub, slow cooked it in the oven first and then transferred it to the grill to crisp it up. Here's a picture of us men with our creation:

I only show a picture of the men because the women were grossed out by the idea of so much meat and fat.

As my friend said, I think there's a reason that women live longer than men on average....


Michelle said...

Any time you add bacon, its gotta be delicious!
And I am pretty sure we live longer becuase we don't do stupidly dangerous "sports" like men do.

Daddio said...

We trade quantity for quality - if bacon is the price - then we pay it once in a while.

Did you actually eat that thing?

Eric said...

Oh yeah, we ate it. It was D-licious.

Janis said...

heart disease is north america's number one killer!!