Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Week of Crazies

This week has been super busy so here's a random update of things that have been been more important than blogging.

I got a job. Starting September I will be an Education Consultant (aka Tutor) for Korean high school kids coming over here and jumping into high school here. Pays pretty well, seems pretty flexible, so hopefully it works out while I am in school.

Lori stayed the week with us and Jani came over from Vancouver to visit. She brought her beaux. We had some fun.
They're pretty crazy kids but we enjoyed having them here.

We went up island this weekend to see our good friend Jeff marry the woman of his dreams, which was pretty much a woman who would put up with crazy ways. It was a gorgeous outdoor wedding, the bride and the groom were giddy with joy, they picked the perfect MC for the wedding (me), and we walked away thinking what a good thing God had brought together. It was a great day of celebration.

We were also recently up at Nolana's parent's place to celebrate John's birthday. I got to see my favorite niece . I usually get the first hug (when Uncle Kyle's not around) and we played bocce and picked berries together. Can't wait to have my own!

It was an insane week but we get a few days to collect our wits and get a few things done around the house before Nolana heads back to work. She's got about a month left and then she's done work to prepare for baby who is around 12 weeks away. Almost there!

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Jen said...

Sounds like a busy time around your household!

I'm STUNNED that Nolana only has 12 weeks left!! Where did the time go? Definitely time for another belly shot of your pretty wife.

Hope you are well Nolana!