Thursday, August 21, 2008

Belly Dancing and Other Miscellaneous Updates

Blogging continues to be far down on the list of things that are getting done, but I guess that's just life. So here's some updates on the coolest arm of the Ritskes clan.

The kid inside my wife is going to either be a rhythmic dancer or a soccer player with the way it flops around. We'll be just sitting there and Nolana's tummy will do the wave then the Gyrating Monkey. Pretty cool.

I am typing this with a slightly puffy face due to the extraction of two of my wisdom teeth. This unfortunate event required the use of two of my least favorite things: dentists and needles. Oh yeah, and I am now quite tired of smoothies.

Someone called my blog a "left-wing" blog. All Right!! No seriously, why does everything have to be left or right or Commie or Liberal...

I have got tickets to go see Fleet Foxes in a month. Stoked.

I am totally digging some great music from the African continent. As well as Fleet Foxes. And if you also like Fleet Foxes I would encourage you to check out the Ottawa based band The Acorn and their latest release "Glory Hope Mountain".

I have been able to get out this month and get back into golfing with some of the guys here. Nothing more frustrating than a bad round of golf but I'm getting the kinks worked out.

Not much else is new. The summer has flown by and all of a sudden I am ordering textbooks for the fall. Not much of a real summer due to classes but I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do and now am anxiously working on Master's work, making sure I get what I want.

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