Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Can Daija come out and play?"

This weekend I was home alone with Daija as Nolana was away for the weekend at a ladies retreat. Saturday evening as I was preparing dinner, I heard the doorbell ring. Daija freaked out (she has a thing for doorbells...) and I wondered who in the world it could be; I wasn't expecting anyone. Must be a salesman or someone looking for donations I thought.

I opened the door and there stood the 8 year old boy who lives across from us. "Can Daija come out and play", he said. I kid you not.

It's pretty cute, he just loves her. And Daija thinks he's pretty cool too. He rides his bike around and she comes in after being out there with him asking me for a bike (she can sign both 'want' and 'bike').

I felt bad having to tell him that Daija couldn't come out right then because we were going to eat. I definitely felt way older than I am - kind of like the mom in the cartoon. I'm too young (and Daija's too young!) to be answering the door to my child's friends, asking if Daija can come out and play!

* Come to think of it, the boy kind of looks like the one in the picture too!


Jen said...

That's really cute!

daddio said...

just wait till Daija is older and the boys come to the door.

Janis said...

that is so awesome. can't believe she knows enough sign to ask you for a bike!

Eric said...

Janis: Now that she can sign you realize how much she knows and understands. She doesn't miss much!