Monday, May 10, 2010

Apple Pie French Toast

I think a pretty traditional Mother's Day treat is pancakes or waffles but I did one better this year: Apple Pie French Toast!

Caramel, apples, candied nuts, french toast - what's not to like! I got the inspiration from over at Closet Cooking (which is pretty much my favorite food site - the pictures and recipes are always mouth watering!), just added more apples (best part!), made a mix of candied walnuts and pecans, used a multi-grain loaf and substituted some of the water for maple syrup to make it thicker and a little maple-y. Super yummy!


Jen said...

Impressive! Jordan made me paper thin pancakes. ;)

Janis said...

That looks DELICIOUS!!

Janis said...

and it looks better than the picture on the original website.