Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thumbs Out

My friend Matt over at Bing Dynasty often does his quick summaries as thumbs up/ thumbs down so I am ripping him off (imitation is a form of flattery) and here are mine:

Thumbs up (a.k.a. Aaaahnold approved):

- Apple smoked old cheddar from St. Lawrence Market - so good.

- Daija cuddling with me when she wakes up.

- Organic, fair trade, dark roast espresso - more than one shot, please and thank-you.

- My momma coming out here again to visit. And by visit I mean coming out here to babysit so Nolana and I can go out

- Building towers with Daija's Mega blocks

- This, one of the freshest new music videos in a while. From Nigerian born Afrikan Boy. H/T: Africa is a Country

Thumbs down (a.k.a. Joaquin says you fail):

- not sleeping well. Life is just that much harder with less sleep....

- soft, stinky poo. Not mine, Daija's.

- PCs that start to crap out on you after 2 years. If only I could afford a Mac...

- Feeling behind at school and never having the time to catch up, or even better, get ahead.

- The Flames struggling just to make the playoffs with a GM who thinks getting Matt Stajan is the answer. Ha.

- Tim Hortons. I don't get the national obsession.

- Nolana and Daija going to Victoria without me again. Victoria is such a great place...


The Renegade Librarian said...

Thanks for the imitation, my good friend, I am incredibly flattered! *bows*

I am TOTALLY agreeing with you on Tim Horton's--they've made a mint out of mediocrity. I mean, they're not TERRIBLE, but they're not particularly good either, are they?

Also, that Stajan contract made me laugh out loud. LIKE they guy's worth that much!!! He's not a terrible player or anything and has reasonably good hands, but 'an average of $3.5m a year' good? Nope. He will solve no team's woes. Certainly didn't solve the Leafs' woes, but that's a whole OTHER story!

Eric said...

It seems to me that Stajan is one of those players where there are many out there (decent but not game changing) and I would think that at least one of those decent players could be had for less than 4yrs at $3.5 mil/per. Unless something changes, another bad move by the Sutter bros.

Daddio said...

Thumbs Down:
- Being so far away from my kids & grandkids.

boneskies said...

do you have another grandkid we don't know about?

Janis said...

Mark and I have been watching this music video frequently. It's our new fave. I think I have absorbed all the girl's moves and can pull off a pretty good imitation... we will do it for you when we see you next. :) we're from lagos town.

Eric said...

Actually, Jani, I think I could see you doing this. I'm definitely going to be waiting from the copycat version of this from you and your movie-making husband.