Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I wanted to title this post: How a Cigar and a Fine Single Malt Scotch can Bring You to Prayer, but as you can see that's a little lengthy.

My father-in-law was recently in Cuba and gifted me a cigar that wasn't going to get any fresher and with no looming celebrations in the future and the days not getting any warmer I decided to celebrate the fine occasion of having a cigar.

I bundled up (it's only zero outside, so it's warm compared to the rest of Canada!), poured a drink and sat outside in the dark, smoking a fine Monte Cristo. I'm not a regular smoker but on occasion I enjoy a well-made cigar and this occasion made me think of the other times I've had the pleasure of enjoying one (it was rather contemplative by myself!)

The time the reverend (my Dad) surprised the socks off of me by bringing around cigars to smoke with him and my brother in celebration of Daija's birth. With a friend on our balcony on a low-key New Year's Eve in Ethiopia. On boy's/poker nights with good friends in Victoria. In the middle of the bush while working for Parks Canada.

And then I realized how blessed I am for the moments I've had, the experiences past and the possibilities present and future. I realized how blessed I was for the family that was sleeping soundly inside the house as well as the family that raised me, for the schooling opportunities and the chance to pursue something that challenges me and excites me, for the house, the friends, the cigar... and on.

It was much needed after a day with Daija when she was particularly whiny and I was particularly impatient - it was just one of those rough days of parenthood when you can't wait to put them down for the night. The days when you're not very appreciative of the blessings you have.

I remembered how I love my wife and need to remember to tell her how much I do. And it led to the parallel connection with how I need to remember to thank God for the blessings he has bestowed. Too often I am cynical and lacking grace when it is needed.

All of this brought on by a darkened yard, a random snowflake falling, a cigar, a scotch, and very cold hands. I am going to make sure I go in and kiss my baby again before I go to bed, tell her how much I love her, and then crawl in beside the woman I love.


Jen said...

Good post Eric! We have so much to be grateful for ... even on the days when it's harder to remember what those things are exactly.

The other day I showed Jordan your "beers I've rated" web page and your music stats page. He wants to know a) have you really not tried any mainstream beers like Alexander Keith, Newcastle, etc. or do they just not make the list b) can you move to Regina because he thinks you guys could be the best of friends (again). Wait until I tell him the cigar thing! He'll be head over heels for you. ;)

Eric said...

a) I have had most mainstream beers but that was before I began 'rating' beer. b) Tell him if it was anywhere but Regina I might consider it ;)

Beer, cigars, golfing - I'm pretty sure we'd get along just grand.

Janis said...

this post is inspiring. as i sit here reading with my favorite food, cereal and yogurt, i am drawn to think about how lucky i am to have this whenever i want, and 6 kinds of cereal in my house to choose from. and i want to start calling dad The Reverend. :)

Eric said...

You're also thinking how lucky you are to have such a great blog to read, right? ;)

Michelle said...

Best Post Ever!

Pop in law said...

If I had known the gift of the cigar was going to result in such a great blog I would have left the entire box. So have you considered joining the Che' Guevera fan club yet?