Wednesday, December 9, 2009

(Not So) Subtle Ironies in the News

A closed meeting on openness.

A Nobel peace prize winner who sends more troops to war to fight for peace

The media and public focus on Tiger Woods and his sexual life while largely ignoring a bill in Uganda that would sentence homosexuals to life in prison or death - even if they don't live in Uganda.

The Ugandan bill has drawn the condemnation of a few "Left leaning" American Christian leaders and a puzzling non-response from a well-known "Right leaning" American Christian leader...

Black South Africans may have gained political equality in their country (you may have heard about this) but they still don't have economic equality with the per capita for Blacks being 32 599 rand, while the per capita for whites in SA is 135 707 rand (you won't hear about this).

Though, when I stop and think about, not much of this really comes as any big surprise.


Anonymous said...

both your links about the left leaning and right leading Christian leaders are to the same place.


Eric said...

Thanks Ry, it's fixed now!