Friday, November 27, 2009

Run, Don't Walk

5 tracks you should probably check out now. As in drop what you're doing (unless it's holding a baby) and go to iTunes now to preview (and don't pretend you're one of those people without iTunes either...)

1. Sufjan Stevens - You are the Blood - Dark Was the Night

2. Andrew Bird - Not a Robot, But a Ghost - Noble Beast

3. Fionn Regan - Hunters Map - The End of History

4. Fleet Foxes - Mykonos - Sun Giant EP

5. The Decemberists - The Bachelor and the Bride - Her Majesty, The Decemberists

Consider this my good deed for the day.

Edit: My good deed has been trumped by Matt over at Bing Dynasty who recommends Grooveshark for full song previews. I checked it out: easy to use, full downloads - go listen there!

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