Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jazz in the Park

Last night we celebrated Canada Day by going to check out Jazz in the Park, a weekly free performance in a park not too far from us. This first week was a little Indo-Jazz as we learned about the tabla drums of Northern India. Pretty funky sounds.

It was a nice cool evening and Daija enjoyed the tunes. I think we'll be back to check it out on a weekly basis as they focus on different styles of Jazz. Because it was put on by a local business association it's not affected by the strike.

As we were about to leave I spotted a small commotion caused by the arrival of local MP Jack Layton. I was tempted to join the crowd and shake his hand, pull him aside for a quick word, etc... but what would I say? "I voted for you!" sounds kind of lame, "But I don't think you'd make a great Prime Minister" sounds perhaps a little too harsh... every time I've seen him though he comes across as very down-to-earth.

On the topic of parks, we went for an evening walk in the ravine right next to us and it's quite a nice walking/bike path down there (aside from the slight sewer smell) that can take you meandering through the city right into the heart.

We're slowly getting out and exploring our new city and all it has to offer.


Jen said...

Sounds like a great day! and exploring a new city is always fun.

I was searching for one of those drums to buy for Jordan for his birthday this past week but holy moly are they expensive! He's wanted one forever so I might just have to bite the bullet for Christmas!

Megan said...

I met Jack Layton one time. At Don Mee's in China town. At a benefit for the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival. He gave a speech in Chinese. And people laughed! He told JOKES in Chinese- thats skill.

That being said 1) you didnt actually vote for him did you... you voted for your local representative for the NDP party. But you may be able to vote for him soon enough... ;)
2) can you vote NDP and then gripe about a union strike? is that allowed? haha. dont worry I feel for you. Especially with all of that garbage cooking in the Toronto heat. Must smell something fierce.

Also may I add that your little girl is looking particularily CUUUUUTE. Keep up the great posts!

jerry said...

Yeah, I'd like to meet Layton too. I didn't vote for him. Actually, I didn't vote at all this time - first time doing it. Usually people say that you can't protest if you don't vote, or at leat go in and spoil your vote. I've actually done this before also. This time I thought "if fewer and fewer people vote - maybe someone will think the system is broken". Don't know if that works either. Anyway, I think some of our candidates are good people, but running our country is a tough thing :)