Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daija's Top 20 Random Things

1. I like to suck in my bottom lip and howl like a coyote at the moon.

2. I like to play with my feet. My mommy keeps hoping I am going to suck on my toes and thinks the only reason I haven't is because I can't. Ha! I can, but who wants to suck on their toes? How is that cute? Also, I don't do well under pressure.

3. I like to drink milk. Especially after mommy has had pizza for dinner.

4. Today I am 3 months and 11 days old.

5. Daddy always makes funny noises so I will smile. He keeps waiting for me to laugh but he's going to have to be a little more creative than funny sounds to make me laugh. Maybe something along the lines of a dance routine or trying to sing 4 part harmony by himself...

6. This week I sat for the first time in my Bumbo.

7. This week I also had my first cold. Sitting in the Bumbo was way cooler than the cold.... so why is is a cold?

8. I know how to roll over. I don't do it very often because I don't want to set expectations too high. I think my mommy and daddy need all the help they can get.

9. I wear cloth diapers in fun colors. I'm the hippest kid on the block though they all make fun of my gigantic bum. I just tell them I'm working on my ghetto booty.

10. I love the bath so much I would stay in until my whole body turned into a raisin.

11. When I smile (and I do this lots), I smile with my whole face. My mommy and daddy like it when my eyes crinkle up as a I smile.

12. I have a bald spot (baby pattern baldness) and my mommy is semi-secretly ashamed of it.... so I'm outing her (I'm learning from Obama's name-and-shame tactics).

13. I like it when my daddy changes my diaper because he makes up songs or raps to me. The other day he came up with, "I'm a little pooper short and stout, here is my bum and look what comes out"... that one almost made me laugh.

14. I play hard all day but when it comes night time I like to sleep. 7-9 hours is my average but on occasion I like to do more. A girl like me needs her beauty sleep.

15. My favorite thing to suck on is my fist. Though sometimes I gag myself. I still haven't figured out how to stop doing that...

16. Mommy wants my first word to be mama, daddy wants my first word to be dada, so as not disappoint one of them I've been working on something great like, "Show me the money!!" to be the first thing I say.

17. My favorite toy is my soft blocks which I like to suck on. Sometimes I get upset when I can't get the whole thing in my mouth. I think this might be because my mommy told me that if I set my mind to it anything is possible. I'm telling you, getting that whole block in my mouth is NOT possible.

18. My favorite friend is Leilani. She's a couple months older than me but I'm pretty sure she doesn't hold that against me. She sucks on her toes. I hold that against her.

19. I get the most upset when my hat comes over my eyes. Or when the Flames lose.... it's a toss-up I guess.

20. My favorite time in the whole world is when my mommy sings me a lullaby before bed. I love my mommy. And my daddy's all right too.... I guess.


Jen said...

Great update on little Daija! She's so beautiful. That little wrinkled foot picture is going to be so precious to you in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

oh wow, she is so big and so cute and she looks so much like you and that song actually did make me laugh.

Daddio said...

The Song is awesome! I laughed so much I almost had to check my own diaper.

I used to do the same with you kids. It's fun, but you kids never really responded to them, so I quit.